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An easy-to-understand finance course for Canadian artists • $75

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Each Session includes six 90‑minute classes.

What You’ll Learn:

  • Wealth Management
  • Retirement Planning
  • Investing
  • TFSAs
  • The Stock Market
  • Employed vs. Self-Employed
  • Taxes
  • And much more!
Headshot - Shauna Thompson
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I love that this course is geared towards artists specifically. I learned a ton of new things and I’ll definitely be doing things smarter.

- Shauna Thompson

What This Course Includes:

Developed at the National Theatre School of Canada, SmART Money Canada is a mini course designed to help Canadian artists better understand their finances so they can make well-informed financial decisions.

Over the span of six 90-minute lectures we will cover the basics of a variety of topics in a fun, simple and easy-to-understand way. Sessions are limited to only 45 people to ensure individual attention can be paid to each student and all questions can be answered.


This course is for all Canadian artists at the post secondary level or beyond. If you’re like me and didn’t (or currently don’t) receive finance education at your post secondary arts program (booo!) then this course is designed to fill that gap.
The class will be taught by keynote/PowerPoint presentation over zoom. A link will be sent within an hour of each class starting.
The class is taught by the founder, Douglas Price. Doug has been teaching SmART Money for five years and has written a book called “Seventeen To Millionaire” to help grade 12 students with their finances. Doug is also a composer and writer who graduated Sheridan College in musical theatre performance so he understands what it’s like to be an artist struggling with finances.
Each lecture is 90 minutes. There are six of them.
We wanted to find a time that was most likely to work for everyone especially those who work in theatre and film or who are in post-secondary arts programs. We figured if you wanna learn about money you won’t mind giving up six Sunday evenings to get the basics. It was either that or Mondays at 6 am…would you have preferred that?
Yup. Each week. But don’t worry. It won’t get marked. It’s designed to help you solidify the ideas discussed. If you wanna do it, it’ll definitely help. If you don’t, well, we tried.
We recommend 18 and older for this course. But if you’re younger and wanna learn about money, check out Doug’s book “Seventeen To Millionaire”. It will soon be available on Amazon and in bookstores across Canada. It’s really good. Or, at least, that’s what Doug keeps saying.
Headshot - Gabe Maharjan
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A comprehensive course on personal finances vital to all people working in or wanting to work in the arts—employed, self-employed, or otherwise.

- Gabe Maharjan

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